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StorByte 2U 16 Drive Eco – Flash SSD Storage Solution

SB 2U FrTp LftAng Open 01 12in 72pxIntroducing the all new StorByte SBS 2.16, 2U Tall, 16 SSD Drive Slots, 64-256TB of Programmable ECO-Flash Drive capacity using the 4, 8 or 16TB Solid State Disks, True Multi Tier Open Standards RAID & JBOD Adaptive Architectures, Future Proof Flex Frame Chassis Designs, Connectivity and Resources. Component independent Scale-Out, Scale-Up, Mix n Match or Re-purpose. Host connectivity is limitless, all connections supported. 10 Year Warranty – Financially determine your future guaranteed. StorByte ECO • FLASH drives are up-gradable and provide in-place, application specific, field programmable capabilities.


  • In Line De-Duplication 3 : 1 average
  • Post Process De-Duplication 2nd / 3rd tier post process 3 : 1 average
  • In Line Compression 2.5 : 1 average
  • Post Process Compression 2nd / 3rd tier post process 2.5 : 1 average
  • In Line Compound Optimized Capacity Reduction 5 : 1 average
  • Post Process Compound Optimized Capacity Reduction 5 : 1 average
    128-bit File System
  • Unlimited Clustered Storage,& Clustered Volume size
  • Unlimited File Size
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Warranted Data Integrity,eliminates silent data corruption and “write-holes” Self-healing check-sums, atomic writes & transactional copy-on-write I/O.
  • On-Site / Off-Site, Multi-Site Cluster – Capable Snap-Shots Replication, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archive.
  • Encrypted Data Transporting flight and at rest
  • Multi-Rule Time & Retention Data Set Policies.
  • Unlimited Snapshots,Auto-Snapshots and Clones.
  • Remote access for cloning,versioning and backup.
  • Instant Access / Restore.User based direct file access,restore option.
  • Multi-Site Backup Targets. Multiple backup destinations with user defined retention / interval options for source and destination.
  • Media Export-Import Service. Removal and / or rotation of backup media and off line vaulting support.
  • Tiered cache – RAM and SSDuser definable cache tier to increase performance.
  • Hybrid storage pools – Utilize the I/O performance of SSD sand high capacity of HDDs.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use GUI plus full access CLI.
  • SMB/CIFS – (SMB ver. 3.02) Fully compatible (ACL) and (ADS), Access Control Lists,Active Directory Services.
  • VMware Ready Certified, Citrix Ready Certified,Hyper-V in process.
  • VAAI – Yes
  • HA Clustered Seamless Failover.
  • Virtual IP (VIP) addresses,multi-device / free switch. Data path independence of physical network path.
  • Persistent Reservation Synchronization.
  • Zero Impact maintenance and upgrades.
  • Hot, On-Line, Transparent Performance and Capacity Expansion.
  • Storage & Service Reporting. Performance and Conditions. Automatic and periodic reports fully integrated with SNMP based management solutions

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