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About Us:

Caen Engineering, Inc. is a globally recognized leader in leading-edge SAN storage solutions. Over 30 years of innovative engineering experience provides our customers with a solid record of reliability and quality designed products from one of the most knowledgeable sources in the industry. We strive to be the lowest cost but the highest quality supplier of Disk Storage Solutions in the market.

Our products are proven with successful end-user installations of custom engineered and manufactured products remaining in some of the largest and most critical military, commercial and industrial applications in the world.

Mission Statement

Caen Engineering is committed to being the trusted source for OEMs, VARs, Resellers and Integrators. We intimately understand our customers’ need for fast response, quality-driven manufacturing, tailored services, competitive leading-edge design, and knowledgeable technical support. We will continue to make innovative, state of the art, reliable products for our customers.

Customer Service

Caen Engineering is exclusively committed to our customers: OEMs, VARs, Resellers and Integrators. Our organization is here to support the specific needs of our resellers, who provide end-user clients with top quality, application-specific products they’re proud to put their own name on.