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Coronado Cloud Storage Server

The Coronado Cloud Storage Server has been designed for businesses that require S3, Windows File Share, NFS or FTP Access to cloud storage. The Coronado Cloud Storage Server is like any other Linux server by joining Active Directory and running Linux Applications with the only difference being the data is written to Cloud Storage not local disk. The Coronado Cloud Storage Server’s main purpose is to accelerates and/or translates S3 and file based protocols into Cloud Storage. The Cloud Storage Server combined with hi-speed disk helps reduce user latency as background threads move the data into the Cloud Storage.  The Coronado Cloud Storage Server extends Servers to use Cloud Storage for user collaboration or backup applications that require fast transfers to archive data into Cloud Storage.  All that is required is the bucket/blob credentials and the endpoint address of the storage device.  Simple to Install, the Coronado Cloud Storage Server may be deployed in less than 30-minutes.

The Coronado Cloud Storage Server is highly integrated with Active Directory adding user authentication and access control ACL’s to your Cloud Storage environment. After connecting to a share, users or current applications may use a simple drive letter from Windows or Linux/Unix environments to easily read or write to Cloud Storage while newer S3 Applications may also read/write to the same files.

FDF Icon   Coronado Cloud Storage Server Data Sheet