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EonStor ESDS 2024B


While featuring the performance and versatility of the EonStor DS 2000 series, this small form factor RAID solution is designed exclusively for 2.5” disk drives. Its more compact dimensions and lower energy requirements are ideal for SMBs keen on efficiency and higher storage density. Available with single or dual controllers, and ships with redundant 80 PLUS power supplies.

Great value storage solution for SMBs that delivers outstanding IOPS
  • High performance to accommodate more IOPS-intensive applications at SMBs, such as databases, VDI, Microsoft Exchange, and file servers
Rich data services plus SSD cache, automated storage tiering, and remote replication support
  • SSD Cache boosts read IOPS and reduces cache response time
  • Automated storage tiering makes the most of SSD speed and spin drive capacity
  • Remote replication backs up data to offsite locations for reliable disaster recovery
  • 64 replication pair volume mirror/copy (upgradable to 256)
  • Includes licenses for snapshot, volume copy/mirror, and thin provisioning
  • Thin provisioning increases storage utilization to 80%
  • 128-target snapshot included (upgradable to 4096 targets)
  • Compatible with self-encrypting drives (SED) to deliver unbreakable data security plus fast and complete deletion
Data protection solutions
  • Super capacitors with flash module to keep data saved in cache live and accessible during power outages and other disruptions
  • Cached data remains powered for extended periods of time to ensure recovery even after prolonged outages
Customizable and scalable
  • Systems tailored to your budget plans and expand conveniently when more capacity is needed
  • Compatible with a range of Infortrend JBOD expansion enclosures, including high density 4U 60-bay units
  • Up to 360 disk drives per system, with support for 6TB drives – nearly 2PB in total capacity
Easy to use
  • Exclusive SANWatch 3.0 browser-based GUI features an intuitive and simple design
  • User interface integrates all major system functions
Green design
  • Energy efficient components include SoC processor and 80 PLUS power supplies
  • Intelligent drive and fan spin-down moderate energy consumption