EonStor DS 4000 Solutions

Powerful RAID systems redefine mid-range performance, featuring dual host boards and 12Gb/s SAS integration

The EonStor DS 4000 Gen2 series sets new milestones in performance excellence and innovation, reaching 11,000MB/s read and 5,500MB/s write to easily handle even the most demanding applications. This is leading performance in the mid-range enterprise storage segment, giving you maximum return on investment.

Additionally, systems feature a dual host board design to increase hybrid interface flexibility, combining Fibre Channel, SAS, and iSCSI for SAN, IP SAN, and DAS on one efficient system. High speed 12Gb/s SAS is fully integrated drive-side and host-side. Systems scale up to 444 drives and offer comprehensive services for backup, security, data integrity, and recovery.

Why EonStor DS 4000?

  • Mid-range storage performance leadership
  • Superior performance up to 11,000MB/s read and 5,500MB/s write
  • Dual host board design enhances hybrid connectivity
  • Full 12Gb/s SAS integration for drives and hosts
  • Scalable up to 444 drives per system
  • Support for SSD Cache and automated storage tiering, with extensive data services

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