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HCI Hybrid utilizes automated storage tiering to handle performance-intensive workloads in a cost-efficient manner. It provides a healthy balance of performance and cost. These models are built to deliver high storage capacity and great performance without having to go all-flash. Start with as little as one node and leverage StarWind Hybrid Cloud for HA and failover or get more nodes to build an onsite cluster. Also, you can scale up by adding more storage, memory, and interface cards. Clusters can also have mixed node configurations to adopt multiple workload requirements. With StarWind ProActive Support included with the appliance, the responsibility for health status monitoring and availability of your applications is covered by StarWind Intelligent monitoring service and a team of professional support engineers.


  • StarWind Virtual SAN Hybrid Cloud
  • StarWind Proactive Support
  • Data Locality
  • StarWind Web-Based Management
  • Grid Architecture
  • Deduplication and Compression
  • Scale-Up and Scale-Out
  • Unified Storage (Multiprotocol)
  • StarWind VVOLS
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability
  • Hyperconverged
  • Converged (“Compute and Storage Separated”)
  • Server-Side Cache
  • Hardware Agnostic and Commodity Hardware
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • Snapshots and Automated Storage Tiering
  • Virtual Tape Library (VTL)
  • StarWind Log-Structured File System (LSFS)
  • StarWind Swordfish Provider
  • StarWind ISER
  • Hybrid Cloud: clustering with active-active data replication between on-premises and AWS, Azure or any other public cloud
  • Fault Tolerance, High Availability, Distributed RAM cache, Secure backups, Cloud DR and more
  • RDMA: maximize performance and resources available to your applications by eliminating I/O overhead
  • Zero configuration, migration, and integration efforts – all done by StarWind Engineering Team at no extra cost
  • HCI fits even strictest budgets with a 2-node cluster price tag 2x lower than, say, a Tesla Model 3
  • Constant uptime thanks to high fault tolerance rate: a 2-node system keeps on going even if 1 node and 1 disk fails

Supported Hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, KVM (coming soon)

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

Supported Container Platforms: Docker

Supported Storage Protocols: iSCSI, iSER, SMB3, SMB Direct, NFSv4.1

Supported Storage Management & Integrations: SMI-S, VVOL

Recommended Switches: Mellanox SN2100, Mellanox SX1024, Dell S4810

Virtual Machine Backup and Replication: Veeam® Backup and Replication™ V9.5

Monitoring, Reporting and Capacity Planning: Veeam® ONE™ V9.5

Management and Security: StarWind Web Management StarWind Stack (coming soon)

Optional Components: 5nine Management, Microsoft SCVMM, VMware vSphere Operations Management

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Model L-H 5.6
Chassis Configuration 1U 4/4 bays
CPU Intel Xeon Scalable Family
2x Silver 4110
2.1GHz 8C/16T
RAM, GB 96
Usable Capacity, TB 5.6
Storage 2TB / 4TB 7.2K NLSAS
960 GB / 1.6TB SSD SATA Mix Use
Dedicated Boot Storage BOSS RAID1 2x 120GB SSD
Networking 2×1 GbE + 2×10 GbE
ProActive Services StarWind ProActive Support** Included by default
Deduplication & Compression  Yes


Model XL-H 8.8 XL-H 11.4 XL-H 17.7 XL-H 24 XL-H 35.2
Chassis configuration 2U 10/14 bays 2U 9/14 bays 2U 13/14 bays 2U 14/14 bays 2U 20/20 bays
CPU Intel Xeon Scalable Family
2 x Silver 4110
2.1GHz 8C/16T
2 x Silver 4114
2.2GHz 10C/20T
2 x Silver 4116
2.1GHz 12C/24T
2 x Silver 4116
2.1GHz 12C/24T
2 x Gold 5120
2.2G 14C/28T
RAM, GB 128 128 256 256 512
Usable Capacity, TB 8.8 11.4 17.7 24.0 35.2
Storage 2TB / 4TB 7.2K NLSAS
960GB / 1.6TB SSD SATA Mix Use
Dedicated Boot Storage BOSS RAID1 2x 120GB SSD
Networking 2×1 + 2×10 GbE
2×25 GbE (Private, RDMA-enabled)
ProActive Services StarWind ProActive Support** Included by default
Deduplication & Compression Yes