JBOD Series 200

Versatile expansion enclosures for systems featuring compatible LSI RAID cards and host bus adapters

Add server storage with JB 200 enclosures, which connect to LSI RAID cards and HBAs and range from 2U 12-bay to 4U 60-bay in form factor. They offer easy deployment and great performance, with simpler integration than RAID systems. Via RAID cards get up to 224 drives. Enclosures available with dual controllers, and feature redundant 80 PLUS power supplies with reactive cooling to lower noise and power draw.

(2.5″) SAS models

2U / 24bay
JB 224B

(3.5″) SAS models

2U / 12bay
JB 212
3U / 16bay
JB 216
4U / 48bay
JB 248
4U / 60bay
JB 260