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EonStor GS 4000 Series

Optimum performance combined with tremendous flexibility in one comprehensive storage system

Designed with boosted performance and 32 front-end connection ports, the Infortrend EonStor GS 4000 Series has surpassed all its previous generation products to benefit users with unprecedented advantages in flexibility. By consolidating extreme flexibility and high performance in a single unified storage system, the EonStor GS 4000 dramatically simplifies the deployment and management of storage systems while providing future-proof features to meet evolving demands of customers.

Why EonStor GS 4000:

  • Unified Storage – unified storage arrays that support comprehensive SAN, NAS, and object workloads for a superior ROI
  • Flexibility – 32 front-end channel ports enable simplified and cost-effective connectivity for hybrid FC-SAN, IP-SAN, and DAS environments, support multiple protocols including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE, and are interchangeable through easy-to-manage configurations
  • Exceptional Cost Performance – powerful RAID systems and 12GB/s SAS drive side integration, All Flash / Hybrid Flash storage ready with multiple host interface options, supports up to 444 drives with high density JBODs, comprehensive data services and up to 256 GB RAM
  • Cloud Integration – intelligent data allocation algorithms allow for excellent utilization of cloud
  • Availability & Reliability – IDR support to make sure all hard drives are healthy to prevent from rebuild, Super capacitor for cache protection, dual controllers and non-single-point-of-failure hardware design