The Ultimate in Value, Flexibility, and Reliability

The Vess R2000’s brilliant design consolidates both block and file storage onto a
single platform, providing SMBs a cost-effective way to meet performance goals
while simplifying administration and adding flexibility. The high availability activeactive
Vess R2000 is designed for data-intensive industries, including midsize to
large scale surveillance installations or cloud data centers where downtime is
unacceptable and where large external storage capacity, support for on-demand
expansion, long retention periods, and reliable high bandwidth throughput are a

Optimized for Your Business Needs

The Vess R2000 conveniently allows users to select an operation mode optimized
for video surveillance or for generic IT environments, delivering customized
performance and expandable capacity for multiple storage requirements,
including unstructured data, archiving and cloud data centers. With innovative
features like Perfect Rebuild, which can reduce the time required to rebuild an
array by more than 400%, the Vess R2000 delivers the performance and reliability
you demand for your application.

Simplifying Management and Support

Simplicity and ease of use are absolutely crucial for SMBs with limited IT resources.
The Vess R2000 is designed specifically with SMBs in mind as it features One
Plug Auto Service (OPAS) to reduce maintenance complexity and streamline
an easier tech support workflow. Simply plug in a USB drive and the user can
retrieve information about the system for tech support, upgrade firmware, reset
passwords and much more.

Going the Extra Mile to Protect Your Data

The Vess R2000’s new CacheGuard Data Protection features, HDD Cache Backup
and Advanced Battery Flash Backup, go that extra mile to ensure your data is
safe in case of power loss. Delivering protection of HDD cache data and RAID
controller write cache content beyond the standard 72 hour window, you can rest
assured knowing your data is protected even when disaster strikes.

  • Dynamic solution optimized for video surveillance
  • Unified storage streamlines administration & adds flexibility
  • Designed to meet the growing challenge of unstructured data
  • Cutting edge redundant, high capacity archiving solution
  • Support for on demand expansion, ideal for cloud data centers
  • Fibre Channel 8Gbps, iSCSI 1Gbps & 10Gbps host connect ports
  • High availability dual controller design Supports 6Gbps & 3Gbps SAS & SATA drives simultaneously
  • Scale up to 112 hard disk drives via Vess J2000 series expansion units